Elite Surface Bianco Lasa
Elite Surface Bianco Lasa

Elite Surface Bianco Lasa

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Sizes: 48"x48"

Thickness: 9 MM

Finish: Polished; Rustic Matte

Sold per box; 1 Box 48"x48" = 32 sf  

The simplicity of white is the key to the beauty of Elite Surface Bianco Lasa. It’s an ideal porcelain to create calm, fresh and luminous environments.

White is a multiplier per se of natural light and is likened to the neutrality of certain styles, such as Nordic, Ibizan or those that are far more romantic, like shabby chic. When combined with other shades, it gives a timeless and well-balanced touch to just about any room.

What’s more, light colors increase the optical sensation of spaciousness and assimilate a much greater overlapping of objects of different chromatic ranges, giving prominence to the furniture.

The purity of Elite Surface Bianco Lasa is combined with grayish tones and different thicknesses that break away with visual humdrum and bring movement to the space. With them you can achieve very interesting compositions and designs that allow for maintaining that halo of luminosity, but without becoming too cold or boring.

Used as base color, these porcelains convey a sense of cleanliness, which makes it the right choice for cladding today’s bathrooms and kitchens.


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Architect & Designer

BKF Decor Solutions have helped us greatly understand our clients needs in terms of materials and budget, so that we can provide them with the look and products they want.
BKF was a great resource in finding new materials that fit our office design style.
We always refer new clients to BKF and ask them to start an material palette of everything they like, and then we go from there. The staff is friendly and always ready to help on selections and samples.

Hugo Mijares, Architect & Designer
Hugo Mijares
Architect & Designer

2id interior design

Working with Eileen and her team has been a great experience.
They go above and beyond to find the best products and best price for our clients. We love working with BKF.

Founders and Creative Directors from 2id interior design
Rafaela Simoes and Laila Colvin
Founders and Creative Directors from 2id interior design

Yuleivis & Osniel Hernández


Not been a designer could be a truly challenge when it comes to redesign your home.
Fortunately for me BKF and its team has been a blessing.
I am designing my third house and can not count on any other than them. Love the unique and high quality material they have in inventory. They are very friendly, professional and very meticulous for every detail in your project.

Yuleivis Hernandez

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