Terrazzo Series

In recent years, terrazzo has stripped itself off of that kitsch or old-fashioned feeling it used to bring in the past to eventually become one of the top-choice materials in the interior design industry.

It is a unique mixture of marble, granite, quartz or glass chips agglutinated with hardened cement. This technique achieves very interesting and authentic compositions, with grains ranging from very fine to coarse, making each piece different and special.

Traditionally, terrazzo was predominantly seen in shades of gray, white or cream.  As part of its evolution, and to achieve special finishes, today different pigments are used to choose from a wide assortment of shades, including pink, black, turquoise or multicolor.

Another element in favor of it is its being a hard, resistant, easy-to-maintain and, above all, very economical material. Its ability to resist humidity makes it ideal for terraces, although its use has been extended to many more spaces around homes. Countertops or wall cladding in bathrooms and kitchens are just two good cases in point.

Modern designs, combined with the creativity and imagination of those who choose it, turn this simple material into a gem that shines with a light of its own in any room where it is currently used.

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