When Stones
meet art

Specialized in the high-end construction market


Great aesthetic and harmonic coherence

Spatial and design

Free rein to creative freedom
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DeluxeTop Calacatta Saint Laurent Black

Give free rein to creative freedom
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DeluxeTop Calacata Borghini

A balanced and smooth design
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The finest gifts
from the Earth

An array of colors and expressive textures

Large-size tiles
make for big
creative freedom

A variety of shapes, thicknesses and finishes

Technology at the beck
and call of beauty

Take your project up to the next notch

Natural finishes
and a flair
for details

Find your style and we’ll light up your home




Marble has panned out to be a top choice in the decoration


The art of nature
carved in stone

Dazzling atmospheres
with a touch
of mysticism

Semi-precious stones

that bring up light and color

Unseen designs,
unlimited creativity

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Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:30pm
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Sunday, Closed

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plus additional perks
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BKF Pass Member.


Hugo Mijares

Architect & Designer

BKF Decor Solutions have helped us greatly understand our clients needs in terms of materials and budget, so that we can provide them with the look and products they want.

BKF was a great resource in finding new materials that fit our office design style.

We always refer new clients to BKF and ask them to start an material palette of everything they like, and then we go from there. The staff is friendly and always ready to help on selections and samples.

Hugo Mijares, Architect & Designer
Hugo Mijares
Architect & Designer

Founders and Creative Directors Rafaela Simoes and Laila Colvin from 2id interior design

2id Interior Design

Working with Eileen and her team has been a great experience.
They go above and beyond to find the best products and best price for our clients. We love working with BKF

Founders and Creative Directors from 2id interior design
Founders and Creative Directors Rafaela Simoes and Laila Colvin
2id Interior Design

Yuleyvis y Osniel Hernández


Not been a designer could be a truly challenge when it comes to redesign your home.
Fortunately for me BKF and its team has been a blessing.
I am designing my third house and can not count on any other than them. Love the unique and high quality material they have in inventory. They are very friendly, professional and very meticulous for every detail in your project.

Yuleyvis y Osniel Hernández
Home Owner

Maca Carrera

Designer - Principal

It is always a pleasure to work with BKF! I bought several slabs from them for my Colorado project and BKF took care of all the logistics, from payment, inspection, shipping from Miami and receiving to Colorado. They made this process smoothly and easy for me. They are always so accommodating and helpful, they  never hesitate in helping me, no matter the size of the project or the product. I really appreciate their professionalism and willingness to assist me in my projects.  Eileen and team are sweethearts and a professionals in everything that they do. I am looking forward to keep working with them for other projects!

Maca Carrera Designer Principal
Maca Carrera
Designer/ Principal

Jessica Jaegger

BKF is one of the best stores to source for unique and sophisticated materials. From porcelain tiles to exclusive stone slabs, you can find it all at BKF.

Jessica Jaegger


Designing and building spaces for our clients is always a challenge for us as designers, but BKF help us to create an amazing Projects. They go with us in the process of material selection combining Design & Quality. Eileen and her Team is
always willing to help us up to the end.


Raquel Mothe


I worked with BKF a few times and it was always a great experience! The quality was amazing and they were always on time. To me it’s very important to choose the right vendors so my clients are happy!!

Raquel Mothe