Onyx Series

Majestic, elegant, stunning... Onyx has always been among the top-choice materials to recreate styles and designs laden with character and exclusiveness. However, there are many maintenance and cleaning processes it must undergo to keep its beauty and natural charm unscathed. So, how can the benefits of this semi-precious stone be enjoyed without going through those hassle-packed methods of care and preservation?

The answer lies in DeluxeTop Onyx, a series of porcelain tiles created with a very high level of detail that makes them indistinguishable from the original stone. Their soft and delicate color effect, mimicking natural seams and textures, are simply astonishing.

And what can we say about the stunning size of the slabs in this collection, which generate an effect of visual continuity, elegance and movement that simply cannot go unnoticed?

DeluxeTop Onyx reclaims the look of stone and provides spaces with a solution that is as beautiful as it is functional. To put it this way, achieving beauty and making it last has neverbeen any simpler.

3 products

3 products