About Us


BKF Decor Solutions is a boutique-focused company specialized in the high-end construction market, in the import and sale of luxury stone and tile surfaces for the world of design and architecture that has set out to bring the beauty of nature to the comfort of interiors.

In our boutique, we have selected the very best gifts of the Earth to offer a range of finishes, textures and an array of fancy and balanced colors that make nobody go unnoticed. From noble woods to natural stone materials, such as marble, onyx, quartzite, calcite, limestone, travertine, slate, granite... the possibilities are just endless.

With them, you can piece together delicate Nordic atmospheres with organic and natural details; more rustic spaces with hefty chromatic contrasts and vibrant shapes; a vintage line with a sense of history and timeless beauty; or the minimalism, elegance and severity of a more contemporary style. The sky is the limit to your imagination.

Driven by Customer Service, BKF family carefully selects the best products from around the world. As tile importers and distributors, BKF develops long-lasting relationships with the vendors to source industry trends, innovative techniques and the highest quality products, always in sequence with customer’s satisfaction. As a result, we have reinvented the conventional tile concept, taking it up a notch to new spatial and design dimensions. The unbelievable extra-large format tiles mimic the organic pattern of natural stones, concrete, metal and wood floors, multiplying the possibilities for architects, interior designers, builders and anyone who wants to bring life to residential and commercial environments.

Our seasoned team is capable of meeting and anticipating all aesthetic and technical needs with turnkey solutions, from the personalized planning of the construction to the exhaustive follow-up of the finishes. This family-owned company works hand in hand with its customers and partners to offer solutions that provide design and value, but above all, inspiring ones.