DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Black: Make a Bold Move with Black!

DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Black: Make a Bold Move with Black!

DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Black: Make a Bold Move with Black!

Without any fear whatsoever of being off the beam, we dare to say that black is still the king of modern and sophisticated decorations. Suggestive and theatrical, neutral and daring, it is one of the most stylish shades of the color chart, capable of providing that chic touch that every interior design really needs.

Decorating with this color -historically preferred by nobles and kings- adds character and symbolizes luxury, prestige, credit and exclusivity. It can be urbane and sophisticated, but never ever banal or boring.

It is the only color with the ability to stimulate a great diversity of feelings, depending on the context in which it is applied. That is why it sometimes conveys feelings of sobriety and apprehension, while at other times it shrouds a mystical, powerful, pretentious, yet functional halo.

In beating the passage of time, black has had to reinvent itself. Its prominence today is no longer in the base color palette. Rather, it is a guest of honor in rooms with a predominance of soft and neutral tones, added in a bid to soften the "total white", sometimes too monotonous even for the most adept and convinced customers.


DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Black

DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Back

DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Back is one of the star products of BKF Decor Solutions that every day bows to the expressiveness and aesthetic strength of black. In a short time span, these porcelain tiles have become a favorite to give any space personality and character.

The intense background of these tiles is interrupted by seams of volcanic orange, of different intensities and thicknesses, which give it a lot of life and movement. The vibrant texture creates patterns that are simply unrepeatable and bold.

By absorbing natural light, these pieces allow for the recreation of more intimate, dimly lit spaces. And if used strategically and well-dosed, they can serve to highlight or give that special underscore to walls, floors and countertops.

Despite its dark base color, the high gloss of its Christian finish gives this material a lot of luminosity. However, a matte surface can also be handpicked for more daring projects.

DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Back is a neutral porcelain, timeless and very easy to combine. It can be matched with lighter walls, furniture and accessories of almost any type, thus enhancing its different shades and colors. A very interesting combination is its pairing with wood, which generates a feeling of warmth and connects us with nature.

Whether in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens, DeluxeTop Saint Laurent Back allows us to sway in a wide spectrum of styles, such as classic, modern, urban, industrial or minimalist. But regardless of the decorative line we choose, picking this collection will always be a sign of security, confidence and, above all, elegance.


Black and White: A Winning Pair

The black and white combination is still one of the most recurrent when it comes to interior design. The secret of success here lies in balance, in using them in the right measure so that neither of the two colors overshadows or invades the other’s territory.

The simplicity of white is the key to its beauty. Unlike its antagonist, light shades lend themselves more to creating calm, fresh and luminous environments. They are multipliers per se of natural light and are likened to the neutrality of certain styles, such as Nordic, Ibizan or those that are far more romantic, like shabby chic.

When coupled with other raw and neutral colors, white reflects purity, tranquility, and gives a timeless and balanced air to any room. These shades increase the optical sensation of spaciousness and assimilate a much greater overlapping of objects of different chromatic ranges, giving prominence to the furniture.

Within the BKF product portfolio, one of the most popular porcelains for this purpose is Elite Surface Bianco Lasa. The purity of this color is interrupted by lines of grayish tones and different thicknesses that break away with visual humdrum and bring movement to the space.

It is the right base color to give luminosity and a sense of cleanliness, which is ideal for modern bathrooms and kitchens. This porcelain purifies, energizes and refreshes like no other.

Hand in hand with black, Elite Surface Bianco Lasa achieves very interesting compositions and designs that allow for maintaining that halo of luminosity, but without becoming too cold or boring. Wooden furniture, motley textiles and other decorative elements of contrasting textures will put the finishing touch to a successful decoration. 

As if it were the yin and yang of interior design, black and white continue to be the great omnipresent pair of modern styles. Perhaps it’s all about the individual purity of these two colors, special and unique in their own nature. Maybe it’s all because of everything that comes from combining them in a simply perfect, elegant and well-balanced contrast.