Nouvelle Grey

SKU: NGPH10001
Category: Natural Stone
Material: Marble
Type: Slab
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Brand: -
Origin: Italy
Finish: Polished, Honed
Color: Grey, Black
120 × 70 × 0.75 in
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Natural Stone in all its beauty evolves into pure refinement in Pietra Grey marble, the perfect contribution to a minimalist decor, on its own or with other elements.


Simplicity, when wisely applied, can only ever be a positive. Pietra Grey marble, with its unique attributes, stands out from the rest with the discernment of its essential essence. A compact, uniform surface ensures an endless, enigmatic and alluring prospect in a Zen- or oriental-style decor; displays its strong presence in the most minimalist ambience and its boundless vivid nature in other types of interior decoration such as lofts or vintage settings. Here is where austere maxim of less is more comes into its own: this material is exponentially magnified.

Thickness: 2cm and 3cm
Pattern: Book Match
Recommended Use & Requirements:
  • Suitable for all indoor wall and flooring applications
  • Residential Floor
  • High-Traffic
  • Shower Wall
  • Wall
Resilient, extraordinary-looking when polished thanks to its variety, richness of color and natural texture. Thanks to these qualities, marble is a favorite material among architects and decorators.
It resists UV radiation, keeping its color like on the first day.
No smoke or toxic substances are emitted if affected by fire.
Countertops, facades, floors and internal walls, different, unique, so spectacular that they leave no-one untouched.
Natural stone slabs vary in appearance and dimension. All pictures are a rough guide. Please call one of our showrooms to confirm availability and location of the slabs.