BKF Decor Solutions is a boutique focused in the high-end construction market. BKF is experienced in working contractors, architect, and designers. Driven by Customer Services, BKF family carefully select the best products from around the world. The seasoned staff personally monitors all projects, inspects products, and offer professional recommendations on products, prices and design.

As Tile importers and distributors, BKF develop long-lasting relationships with the vendors to source industry trends, innovated techniques and the highest quality products, always in sequence with the customer satisfaction, providing personalized services under-budget and with the established project timeframe.

BKF Decor Solutions offers turnkey interior design solutions, from construction planning to finishes. Based on knowledge an understanding of the industry, BKF invites you to visit our showroom, where customers will experience a unique and vast selection of products and services. BKF gallery provides a comfortable ambience and environment where customers can create and be inspired, with the assistance of our team representatives in the selection of product and services that match your decor and vision for your project.