Du Chateau The Palais

Category: Wood Flooring
Material: Wood
Type: Floors
Collection: The Palais
Brand: Du Chateau
Origin: -
Finish: Hard-Wax Oil
Color: Brown, Gray, Yellow, Green, Beige
36 × 36 × 0.625 in
Catalog: -



The Palais Collection celebrates the art form developed by the original parquet masters. In medieval times, parquet floors were highly valued and garnered special attention.

Skilled artisans selected hardwoods with the best grains to create eye-pleasing patterns that transcended time and tradition.

Our Palais Collection is a renaissance of time-honored artistry blended with modern performance.

As part of The Palais Collection, this custom made floor pattern celebrates the art form developed by the original parquet masters, transcending time and tradition with an uncommon elegance.
Its patterning adds depth and intricacy to a room, and together with modern performance, its time-honored artistry bring to light a unique, new classic.
The combination of this represents our commitment to producing environmentally sustainable materials. Moreover, its all-natural hard-wax oil finish not only gives the surface its signature matte aesthetic, but is also safe for those who experience it firsthand.