Du Chateau The Atelier Series

Category: Wood Flooring
Material: Wood
Type: Floors
Collection: The Atelier Series
Brand: Du Chateau
Origin: -
Finish: Hard-Wax Oil
Color: Gray, Black, Brown, Beige
96.5 × 9.5 × 0.625 in
Catalog: -



With a truly unique work of art in every board, The Atelier Series represents the ultimate in the depth and beauty that can be achieved with modern hands.

Each Edition offers a breathtaking window into nature and the world around us.

Captivating surface treatments and bold, intricate colors redefine what is considered possible for a living, breathing, luxury design environment.


This Pure Edition floor offers smooth finishing in a select grade wood floor for the true modernist design sensibility.
Its all-natural hard-wax oil finish not only gives the surface its signature matte aesthetic, but is also safe for those who experience it firsthand.