Du Chateau The Terra

Category: Wood Flooring
Material: Wood
Type: Floors
Collection: The Terra
Brand: Du Chateau
Origin: -
Finish: Hard-Wax Oil
Color: Brown, Black
74.8 × 7.5 × 0.625 in
Catalog: -



The Terra Collection matches both contemporary and traditional interior designs with its modern dark colors.

The unique colors and treatments reflect the unspoiled landscape of the world’s vast wilderness.

From the lush, fertile volcanic flows, to the barren desert sand dunes, The Terra Collection is innovative, clean and suited to fit a new generation of floors.

With it, DuChâteau brings the beauty of nature to the comfort of interiors.


As part of The Terra Collection, this floor matches both contemporary and traditional interior designs with its modern, unique colors and treatments that reflect the unspoiled landscapes of this world’s vast wilderness.
The combination of this represents our commitment to producing environmentally sustainable materials. Moreover, its all-natural hard-wax oil finish not only gives the surface its signature matte aesthetic, but is also safe for those who experience it firsthand.