Decorative Elume

Category: Decorative
Material: Glass
Type: Mosa
Collection: Elume
Brand: -
Origin: China
Finish: Glossy
Color: Brown, Black, White, Beige, Yellow, Gray
12 × 12 × 0.375 in
Catalog: -



Combining modern glass and natural rustic appeal, the Elume Collection is versatile for various installations throughout your space. 


Available in eight colors and three mosaic patterns, this Collection is a harmony of a warm and earthly slate that coordinates with metal and glass elements, exemplifying rustic elegance and sophistication.
Glass and Decorative tiles are extremely beautiful for backsplashes and other wall applications. Use a pH neutral cleaner for regular maintenance. To remove hard water spots on glass, use a very mild acidic cleaner, washing off the cleaner immediately.